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homeowners Q&A

  1. How may I send in my HOA payment?

    You may submit payment via mail, online through a link for a third party vendor on the Curtis website, in person or by automatic draft through Curtis Management Company:

    • Online Payment
      Please visit our Make Payments page and follow the "Payment Instructions" listed under the "make a payment now" section.

    • Automatic Payment
      Please visit our Make Payments page and follow the "Form Instructions" listed under the "setup automatic payment" section.

    • Via Mail
      You may mail in your payment via check or money order with the provided statement. If you do not have a statement, you may submit your payment by placing your account number in the memo section of your check. Mail to: The name of your Association, c/o Curtis Management Company, PO Box 54030, Los Angeles, CA 90054-0030.

    • In Person
      At our Carlsbad Office. 5050 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 160, Carlsbad, CA 92008. 8:30am-4:30pm

  2. How do I set up automatic HOA payments?

    Please visit our Make Payments page and follow the "Form Instructions" listed under the "setup automatic payment" section.

  3. Do I have to update my automatic payments when HOA dues change?

    Yes, homeowners must make changes to their automatic payments when dues change in any given budget year.

    For automatic payments made through Curtis Management, simply File a new autopayment form.

    For payments made via PayLease, simply Visit your PayLease account and update your dues amount.

  4. Do I have to update my automatic payments when I sell my home?

    Yes, prior to closing escrow you must (a) contact Curtis Management to cancel your automatic HOA payments; and (b) cancel your PayLease payments, if any, as only you are able to make this account change.

  5. May I make a payment over the phone?

    Curtis Management Company does not take payments over the phone at this time.

  6. What's my account number?

    Your account number is printed in the upper left hand corner of your billing statement. Example: CUR-AB-00012-3

  7. Is my account up to date?

    We recommend accessing your account to view your current statement by clicking here. You may also request a statement by emailing or calling your Association’s Manager.

  8. How do I change the name on my account?

    Homeowners may submit a change of name by way of a written request only. The written request must include legal documentation such as a change in Deed, Trust, Power of Attorney, marriage or death certificate, etc. This may be submitted to your Association’s Manager, in person, email or mail to: The name of your Association, c/o Curtis Management Company, 5050 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 160, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Please ensure that with any request, the Account number is listed.

  9. How do I change my billing address?

    Homeowners may submit a change of address by written request only. This written request may be submitted to your Association’s representative by email, in person, or by mail to: The name of your Association, c/o Curtis Management Company, 5050 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 160, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Please ensure that with any account related request, the Account number is listed.

  10. How do I supply my mailing address to comply with Civil Code §4041?

    New for 2017, California Civil Code §4041 requires owners to notify their homeowner's association yearly regarding their mailing address and the current disposition of their property, e.g. owner-occupied, rented, vacant, etc.  To facilitate this process, Curtis Management has provided the following electronic form:  Annual Request for Owners Address Form.

    Note:  Please do not attempt to complete this form within your web browser.  Instead, save this form to your computer, and then open & complete it there.  Once completed, simply press the submit button at the end of the form.  If you have any questions about this form, please contact our office at at 760-643-2200 or 858-587-9844.

  11. How do I request an HOA document?

    Documents and Association information are easily obtained by visiting your Association’s community website. However, since not all communities have websites, you may also contact your Association’s Manager at Curtis by email or phone to request a form.

  12. How do I obtain a copy of my Association's insurance certificate?

    Homeowners may request a current insurance certificate by emailing or calling your Association’s Manager.

  13. How do I report a concern?

    If this is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

    If this is a maintenance emergency, please contact Management immediately at 760-643-2200 or 858-587-9844.

    All other requests will need to be submitted in writing, by the Homeowner. This may be submitted in one of four ways:

    • Online
      Please submit your maintenance request online via the form on our Maintenance Request page.

    • Via Email*
      You may also submit your request via email to your Association’s Manager

    • In Person*
      You are welcome to visit our offices at 5050 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 160, Carlsbad, CA 92008 to submit your concern in writing

    • By Mail*
      Please address your concern to The name of your Association, c/o Curtis Management Company, 5050 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 160, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

    * Please ensure that with any concern, the specific location and your address are provided.
  14. I want to make a change to my home, what does the HOA need to know?

    In most cases, any exterior change (Architectural or Landscape) must be submitted to your Association for prior review. Please visit your Association’s website for details and forms. If you have questions on a specific project, please contact your Association’s Manager.

    Please be advised that based on your Association’s governing documents, most submittals have a processing period of up to 30-60 days.

  15. What does my assessment pay for?

    In general your assessments pay for the maintenance, operation, upkeep and long-term repair and replacement of all the common areas within your community. Also, as a non-profit corporation, your Association has administrative expenses including insurance, financial statement reviews, tax filings, license renewals, and management.

    Every year your association's Board reviews and adopts a budget for your community. So for more specific information about where your assessments go, you may easily obtain a copy of this budget by contacting your management team.

  16. What does Curtis Management Company do for my community?

    As the management agent, we work at the direction of your Board of Directors. In addition to preparing for Association Meetings, both administratively and operationally, we regularly inspect the common area, work with association vendors and contractors, and obtain proposals for new projects and maintenance services.

    Board Members are volunteers; therefore, our time is spent assisting the Board in meeting all compliance issues with Federal, State and local laws and codes. We provide customer service to residents, address community and neighbor complaints and work with the Board on the implementation of community guidelines and enforcement.

    Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our responsibilities – which is sometimes overlooked – is the preparation and generation of balanced, accurate and fiscally responsible financial reports. We oversee and produce all accounting functions for your association, including, but not limited to, budget planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger preparation and solicitation of sound financial investment advice.

board members Q&A

  1. How does Curtis conduct our Board of Directors meetings?

    Your Community Association Manager prepares a board packet one week prior to the meeting date and mails it to the Board of Directors; provides an Agenda to be posted onsite or mailed to the membership; reviews and answers any questions a board member may have; and assists the President during the course of the meeting. Meetings are conducted utilizing standard Robert’s Rules of Order.

  2. What does our Monthly Management Report contain?

    The board packet for your monthly meeting will contain an Agenda, Manager’s Report, Minutes, prior month’s Financial Statement, Delinquent Analysis, Architectural Tracking Log, Work Order Log, Violation Log, Committee Reports, Correspondence, Old Business and New Business.

  3. What is the role of the Community Association Manager at our board meetings?

    Your Community Association Manager's role is variable depending on the direction given by the Board of Directors, but generally speaking the Manager assists the President during the meeting, providing information and documentation as requested. Ultimately though, all decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

  4. Do supervisors or upper management executives ever attend our board meetings?

    Yes. All Managers report to the Chief Operations Officer, who attends meetings periodically to observe a Manager’s interaction with the Board of Directors and homeowners.

  5. Does Curtis provide training for our Association's board members?

    Yes. On a continual basis Curtis provides training on financial statements, new legislation, insurance compliance, etc., and when requested by a board member.

  6. Does Curtis provide any resources to help our board members?

    Yes. Board members are welcome to visit our Resources page for helpful articles, publications and links.

  7. Does Curtis provide a conference room or meeting space to host our board meetings?

    Yes, Curtis' conference room is available for use at no charge to our clients and can accommodate 24 individuals. We also offer the convenience of a conference speakerphone for board members to participate remotely.

  8. How does Curtis ensure our annual legal requirements are met?

    To make sure that your legal requirements for items such as insurance renewal, election notices and audit and tax return preparation are met on time, Curtis employs an annual and monthly calendar with all of your Association’s information pertaining to your fiscal year end, annual meeting date and insurance renewal. The managers are provided reminders at the monthly staff meetings and by email. A tracking log is updated through completion.

  9. What steps does Curtis take in preparation for our annual election meeting?

    90 days prior to your annual election date a candidate form is sent out with the monthly billing statement asking for volunteers. 30-45 days prior to the election date a notice of annual election meeting, candidate statement, proxy and/or ballot, envelopes and instructions are mailed to your association's members.

  10. How does Curtis handle insurance renewal for our Association?

    The Community Association Manager notifies the Board 90 days in advance that the insurance policy is coming up for renewal and proposals are obtained for the Board to review prior to the renewal date.

  11. How does Curtis ensure preventative maintenance is performed?

    At the beginning of each year your Community Association Manager in cooperation with the Board of Directors creates a maintenance calendar for all the common area components (roofs, streets, building maintenance, asphalt, painting, landscape renovations, electrical, etc.) This calendar takes into consideration the HOA’s current budget allocated for preventive maintenance.

  12. How does Curtis handle our homeowners' Maintenance Requests?

    When a homeowner calls in they will always be able to speak with a live person. We provide 24-hour, 7-day per week emergency service for all of our associations. The Assistant Manager will speak with the homeowner and obtain the information necessary to produce a work order. We prepare a property information sheet on each association that lists the components the Association is responsible for maintaining. Once the maintenance responsibility is verified to be the Association’s, a work order is issued through our database program and emailed or faxed to the appropriate vendor.

  13. What is Curtis' procedure for monitoring CC&R and Rules & Regulations compliance?

    Your Community Association Manager works with the Board to review the Association’s Governing Documents and performs a monthly physical site inspection of the community, making note of any unit in violation and taking a photograph of the violation. Letters are sent to the owner in accordance with the Association’s enforcement policy with a copy of the photograph outlining the violation and section of the CC&Rs or Rules & Regulations. If the unit has an offsite address, a copy of the letter is sent to the Resident. The violation is entered into our database program. A Violation Report is generated for the Manager to update on the next site inspection as well as inclusion in the monthly Board packet for the Board’s review.

  14. How does Curtis process and monitor our architectural improvement requests?

    Upon receipt, the architectural improvement application is date-stamped and input into a proprietary database software program as a pending application. As with violations, this program generates a log that is generally included with the board meeting materials for the Board to review each month. The application is then submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for review. Your Community Association Manager will monitor the approval progress to ensure deadlines are met pursuant to the Association's governing documents. Upon approval or denial, the submitting homeowner is notified in writing of the Committee's decision. Your Manager will ensure that proper meeting minutes are maintained and that the Board is made aware of the committee's progress.

new clients Q&A

  1. Is Curtis Management Company a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

    Yes, Curtis is a BBB member and holds an A+ rating.

  2. How long has Curtis been in business?

    In business for over 30 years, Curtis Management Company was a founding member of the California Association of Community Managers (CACM). In fact, our principals have been in property management for over fifty years and in the San Diego area since 1975.

  3. How large is Curtis Management Company?

    Curtis currently manages 63 Community Associations for a combined total of over 12,300 units and an estimated 7.3 billion dollars in property value.

  4. Is Curtis a local company?

    Yes, Curtis Management Company is a local, family owned & operated business that is focused on communities in San Diego and Orange Counties.

  5. Does Curtis manage large Associations? How about small ones?

    About 90% of the associations Curtis manages are 100 units or more, with 1803 units as the largest and 43 units as the smallest.

  6. What is Curtis Management Company's client retention rate?

    Curtis' client retention rate is unparalleled in the San Diego area, with approximately 70% of its clients having been under contract for 10 years or more.

  7. Where can I learn more about Curtis Management Company & its services?

    To learn more about Curtis, please visit our About Us page. To learn more about the administrative, advisory and other services we provide, please visit our Services page.

  8. I'm interested in Curtis Management. What's next?

    Please feel free to call us at 760-643-2200, or fill out a brief questionnaire here and request a proposal at no cost to you.

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"I have had the experience of the past 7 years' relationship with Curtis Management as Board President, during which time I have witnessed a high level of competency in all facets of HOA compliance, homeowner concerns, and vendor relations. The owner, Patrick, has always demonstrated a vested interest; as well as my property manager, Andrew, who has stepped up to the plate each and every time! Most important, response time is truly within 24 hours. They have our best interest at all times, no doubt!"Gail KalaniBoard President
Alacima Homeowners Association, Oceanside

"Our Board of Directors has had the privilege of working with Curtis Management Company for the past year. Due to their professional experience and sophistication our transition from our previous company was seamless. Curtis Management operates with honesty, integrity and adherence to best business practices. They take the initiative even before we ask for something. They provide the highest quality management services at competitive pricing. The team at Curtis Management Company are excellent to work with and I highly recommend them."Tony CannariatoBoard President
Aviara Point Homeowners’ Association, Carlsbad

"Curtis Management Company provides excellent customer service to the residents of our community of 300 homes located in San Clemente. I have been on the Board of Directors for eight years and seven of those in the capacity of President, during which time I have found Curtis Management Company to be highly responsive and very capable of serving our HOA’s needs. Their staff always communicates in a very timely way to all our residents on a variety of homeowner issues."Marcelino G. LomeliBoard President
Seascape Village Owners Association, San Clemente

"Curtis Management Company provides highly skilled, experienced, and caring property managers who deliver excellence in reliable and cost-efficient service to the Rancho San Clemente Community Association of homeowners."Vonne BarnesBoard President
Rancho San Clemente Community Master Association, San Clemente

"Curtis Management has provided property management services for our 152 unit HOA in Solana Beach for the past 4 years. I have served on our Board of Directors for 10 years and worked with 3 other management companies. Curtis Management has provided superior and professional management services and our Homeowners have been very happy with their work. Their managers and support staff are responsive and respectful to Homeowners which is key to a well-managed HOA. I can highly recommend Curtis Management."Frank WarnerHOA President
St. Francis Court HOA, Solana Beach

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